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The Universe is Extremely Intelligent

I’ve been reflecting a lot on the universe and how impressively intelligent it is.

We are all surrounded by intelligence. The buildings that line the streets were created by intelligent humans that took the design, an understanding of materials, and thousands of other sophisticated ideas to make that building come to life.

The road built with asphalt is a sophisticated invention that has taken hundreds of years to perfect.

The electrical wires that hover above the streets were designed by electrical engineers that were extremely intelligent in how to harness electricity into wires, that magically/scientifically float above or below the city that fuels our homes with electricity that makes our lives so much better.

Everything is intelligent, even the gardens we drive by and barely notice. Or the wild forest, shrubs, birds that are living plants, and animals that are evolved groups of cells that function together in harmony.

The technology I am using right now, with the software, and hardware, that allows me to express my ideas on a screen has taken the most brilliant minds to make come to fruition.

Intelligent people can use their intelligence for evil too. I’ve been learning more about the cor*navirus and how intelligent it is that it took the brightest minds in the world to create it to use it as a tool to try to enslave humanity.

Intelligence can be used for good or for evil. I personally want to use intelligence to bless and help people thrive.

People are the most intelligent/highest evolution of creation. Our brains have trillions of interconnected synapses and neurotransmitters that allow us to think, have memories, and reflect on our lives and how we can improve our lives. We can learn how to master our brains and use it as the most sophisticated tool on the planet–by just thinking about how to use it more effectively.

I am in the process of becoming a life coach because I want to help people utilize their brains to their uttermost potential so they can thrive and help this beautiful universe evolve to its fullest.

Just a couple of thoughts on my way to work today.

My eyes are opening to the intelligent abudance that’s everywhere…. are your eyes open to the intelligence of the universe? What are your thoughts on this?

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What makes the universe grow and prosper?

My pondering this morning…

  • What advances the creation of the universe…
    • Education, learning
    • Sunlight, water, soil, food, shelter, trees, flowers, rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains
    • Biblical reading/ application… following Jesus, commandments, forgiveness, gratitude, TRUTH, repentance
    • Relationships, connections, families, friends, telling stories, healing from past trauma/mistakes
    • Hobbies: becoming better at a hobby, hard work, passion for something
    • Dreams–pursuing them
    • Creative endeavors, art, journaling, building, inventing
    • Music, dancing
    • Laugher, medicine
    • Self-reliance
    • Acceptance
    • Harmony
    • Freedom

I have attracted the energy that promotes creativity in the Universe. To me–the universe is governed by rules/laws that generate joy/love/peace and happiness. The more someone taps into that energy, the happier a person becomes.

  • What ruins/thwarts creation…
    • Obsession with controlling others
    • Fear
    • Cancel culture
    • Confusion
    • Despair
    • Lust
    • Addictions
    • Guilt, shame, ignorance
    • Hopelessness
    • Murder
    • Rage
    • Ungrateful
    • Lying/deceit
    • Being fake/not genuine
    • Laziness
    • Pride
    • Selfishness
    • Fear of what others think
    • Taking anything to the extreme
    • Neglect
    • Love of money, greed
    • Corruption
    • Cheating/stealing
    • War/destruction
    • Political agendas

People who are governed by fear, unable to forgive, filled with hatred, an obsession with sexual identity, race, money, control. These people are not living in harmony with the universe–they are miserable.

Something to ponder… what are you doing to help the universe grow? (You are a part of creation/universe–whether you want to be or not). What area of life needs healing and perspective to help you grow and advance in this beautiful world of creation?