I am officially a life coach!

My Mission: assist anyone and everyone overcome the effects of decay and embrace the fruits of growth in their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual lives.

Program: “Know Thyself”

Beginner Phase

  • Traditional Journal
    • Brainstorming questions…
      • What are your values?
      • Who are your heroes?
      • What are some of your biggest problems?
      • What is your quest?
      • What victories have you had?
      • How have you failed?
      • What does transformation look like to you?
      • What obstacles might pop up because of your transformation?
      • Are you an honest person… why or why not?
  • Goals/Ambitions and Reflections
    • What do you want to get out of life?
      • Why? What will that do for you?
    • What small changes can you make to achieve extraordinary results?
    • What is a system?
      • Why is a system superior to goals?
    • Create a bucket list…
      • Why do you want to go to that place or have those kinds of experiences?
  • Relationships
    • Who are your high-priority relationships?
    • Who are the people you care about?
      • Who are toxic people/enemies you should avoid?
    • Create a relationship reflection…
    • Strengths of your spouse, (or someone who is closest to you)? 
    • What does commitment mean to you?  
      • Why is it important in a relationship? 
    • Notes and reflections on closest family members
    • What is your hope for children?  
  • Hobbies
    • Venn Diagram
      • What do you love?
      • What does the world need?
      • What are you good at?
      • What can you make money doing?
    • Hobbies pyramid
    • What is your superpower?
      • Draw a symbol
  • Personality
    • What characters do you play?
    • What are your identities?
    • What are some compliments people have said to you?
    • What are some changes you’ve made in the past, 
      • And are currently making?
    • What are some observations you’ve noticed about yourself?
  • Spirituality
    • What are you grateful for?
    • What are some coincidences you’ve seen in your life?
    • What are some miracles you’ve seen in your life?
    • What are your rewards for achieving your goals?
  • Unique ideas
  • Employment Reflections

Intermediate Phase

  • Symbols and metaphors
    • What are they, and why are they so powerful?
  • Data and goals completed
    • What are all the goals you’ve completed in the past?
    • What are some goals/dreams you want to complete in the future?
    • What is data you could start collecting about what your goals/values?
  • Life themes
    • Create a theme for each year of your life
  • Histories
    • Who has influenced you in the past?
    • What are your specific historical stories… these are my examples:
      • Mormonism
      • Christianity
      • Social
      • Hobbies… each one
      • Mental illness
      • Relationships… each significant one
      • Drugs and alcohol
      • Anxiety
      • Masculinity 
      • 12 Steps/addiction
      • Love
    • How have you transformed in the past?
      • Why did you transform?
    • Mountains of progress… what are some of the biggest mountains you’ve climbed and are currently climbing?
    • Draw out the mountains of progress…
    • What are future risks because of success?
    • Draw out your tree evolution… which trees have you identified with in the past?
  • MicroSuccesses
    • What are some “small” good things that have happened to you?
  • Highlights
    • What are some “medium” good things that have happened to you?
  • Core Memories
    • What are some AMAZING things that have happened to you?
    • Draw a symbol or drawing to capitulate it
      • Create these as life happens
  • What are your watershed moments? 
    • THESE ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST life experiences where your life was never the same afterward…
  • What lessons of life have you learned?
  • What right of passages have you gone through?
  • What have you done that you previously thought was impossible?
  • What are some silver lining and parachute moments in your life?
  • Hard
    • What hard have you experienced in the past?
    • How have you overcome it?
    • How can you overcome it?
  • Criticism
    • What criticism have you received in the past?
    • What can you learn and grow from it?
  • Addictions/Boundaries and reflections
    • What are your boundaries?
    • What is your definition of addiction?
    • Why is that thing wrong… whatever you’re addicted to?

Advanced Phase

  • Limiting beliefs “There’s no such thing as a failure or mistake if you can learn from it..”
    • What are negative thoughts/beliefs you have
    • What is the evidence?
    • What is the benefit of the benefit?
    • Write an apology…
    • What is reality?
    • Forgive yourself
    • Express gratitude to yourself…
    • Express love towards yourself…
  • Beliefs + Changes + Improvement (simplified version)
    • What beliefs would you like to change?
    • What are the changes you would need to make?
    • How will your life be better by making those changes?
  • Belief Table
    • The more evidence you have for a belief… the more you’ll believe it!
    • Draw a table with 4 legs… each leg represents evidence for the new belief…
  • Emotions you want
    • All of your goals, desires, everything you do… is to produce certain emotions…
    • What emotions do you want to feel from accomplishing all this transformation?
  • Emotional Fantasies
    • You can train your brain to experience and feel any emotion you want to…
      • How?
        • Imagine the desired outcome
        • What emotion do you expect to have when you achieve that dream?
        • Imagine yourself living the dream
        • What would it look like?
        • What will you be doing?
        • Whose with you?
        • How does it feel?
      • Draw a cultivation circle with 10 emotions with the main desired emotion in the center…
  • Moving Away/Towards
    • All of this information can be summed up into a table of moving away… and moving towards…
      • This needs to be updated constantly…
        • What are you moving away from… what are you moving towards…
  • Transcendence…
    • Vision statement
      • Who do you see yourself becoming in the future?
    • Predictions
      • Make some predictions about what you think will happen in the future…
    • Contracts to yourself
      • Make some promises to yourself…
    • Wikipedia Profile
      • What do you want to be remembered for when you die?
    • Manifesto
      • A declaration of beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions
      • Who are you truly?
      • What do you stand for?
      • What is your purpose?
      • Your top 3 values?
      • Key phrases or quotes you live by?
      • Characteristics of the tribe you’re a part of…
      • Now combine all these ideas into your manifesto…
    • Create incantation/affirmations
      • What do you want to affirm to the world with your arms raised to the sky?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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