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If America is truly under the sworn sovereignty of the US Constitution and all of our political leaders, military personnel, and law enforcement take an oath to protect and defend it, then why is a certain political faction that dwells like a cancer within Congress and the Senate allowed to continue to disrupt our society? […]

A Political Party That Should Be Removed! — Docvega’s Blog

The Metaphorical Sun

I am obsessed with metaphors. I am school teacher and I’ve been reflecting on how I’m like the sun, because I enlighten or illuminate students’ minds with knowledge. Anytime a student connects with an idea–that idea has the ability to light up their mind–thus… knowledge is like light–I am a source of that enlightening experience.

One of the most powerful experiences I have as young adolescent, was observing a church leader dissect the scriptures–and I could literally feel light-energy coming out of his brain as he interpreted scripture and helped his young students understand the deeper meaning of ideas. It was like his brain put a hyper focused magnifying glass on scriptures–something I hope to emulate.

Students are like plants. They need light or sunlight in order to grow. They need knowledge about the world, and about themselves in order to grow–they need to learn how to become their own sources of light–and grow with or without a teacher. Once the plant learns to think for him/herself that student becomes unstoppable and will continue to grow and evolve into whatever their mind can conceive.

I am forever indebted to a high school teacher who lit up my brain with his passion for books and literature and poetry, that inspired me to grow… (teachers can be some of the most powerful and influential people in the world) and over the years I’ve become my own source of light–that I hope to shine to others.


Well, we have pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, and we have left Americans behind. We have left our fellow citizens to suffer at the hands of merciless terrorists. It is not like we don’t know what that means. Don’t they post videos of themselves torturing and killing unbelievers? Do we have an excuse? What […]