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I am officially a life coach!

My Mission: assist anyone and everyone overcome the effects of decay and embrace the fruits of growth in their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual lives.

Program: “Know Thyself”

Beginner Phase

  • Traditional Journal
    • Brainstorming questions…
      • What are your values?
      • Who are your heroes?
      • What are some of your biggest problems?
      • What is your quest?
      • What victories have you had?
      • How have you failed?
      • What does transformation look like to you?
      • What obstacles might pop up because of your transformation?
      • Are you an honest person… why or why not?
  • Goals/Ambitions and Reflections
    • What do you want to get out of life?
      • Why? What will that do for you?
    • What small changes can you make to achieve extraordinary results?
    • What is a system?
      • Why is a system superior to goals?
    • Create a bucket list…
      • Why do you want to go to that place or have those kinds of experiences?
  • Relationships
    • Who are your high-priority relationships?
    • Who are the people you care about?
      • Who are toxic people/enemies you should avoid?
    • Create a relationship reflection…
    • Strengths of your spouse, (or someone who is closest to you)? 
    • What does commitment mean to you?  
      • Why is it important in a relationship? 
    • Notes and reflections on closest family members
    • What is your hope for children?  
  • Hobbies
    • Venn Diagram
      • What do you love?
      • What does the world need?
      • What are you good at?
      • What can you make money doing?
    • Hobbies pyramid
    • What is your superpower?
      • Draw a symbol
  • Personality
    • What characters do you play?
    • What are your identities?
    • What are some compliments people have said to you?
    • What are some changes you’ve made in the past, 
      • And are currently making?
    • What are some observations you’ve noticed about yourself?
  • Spirituality
    • What are you grateful for?
    • What are some coincidences you’ve seen in your life?
    • What are some miracles you’ve seen in your life?
    • What are your rewards for achieving your goals?
  • Unique ideas
  • Employment Reflections

Intermediate Phase

  • Symbols and metaphors
    • What are they, and why are they so powerful?
  • Data and goals completed
    • What are all the goals you’ve completed in the past?
    • What are some goals/dreams you want to complete in the future?
    • What is data you could start collecting about what your goals/values?
  • Life themes
    • Create a theme for each year of your life
  • Histories
    • Who has influenced you in the past?
    • What are your specific historical stories… these are my examples:
      • Mormonism
      • Christianity
      • Social
      • Hobbies… each one
      • Mental illness
      • Relationships… each significant one
      • Drugs and alcohol
      • Anxiety
      • Masculinity 
      • 12 Steps/addiction
      • Love
    • How have you transformed in the past?
      • Why did you transform?
    • Mountains of progress… what are some of the biggest mountains you’ve climbed and are currently climbing?
    • Draw out the mountains of progress…
    • What are future risks because of success?
    • Draw out your tree evolution… which trees have you identified with in the past?
  • MicroSuccesses
    • What are some “small” good things that have happened to you?
  • Highlights
    • What are some “medium” good things that have happened to you?
  • Core Memories
    • What are some AMAZING things that have happened to you?
    • Draw a symbol or drawing to capitulate it
      • Create these as life happens
  • What are your watershed moments? 
    • THESE ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST life experiences where your life was never the same afterward…
  • What lessons of life have you learned?
  • What right of passages have you gone through?
  • What have you done that you previously thought was impossible?
  • What are some silver lining and parachute moments in your life?
  • Hard
    • What hard have you experienced in the past?
    • How have you overcome it?
    • How can you overcome it?
  • Criticism
    • What criticism have you received in the past?
    • What can you learn and grow from it?
  • Addictions/Boundaries and reflections
    • What are your boundaries?
    • What is your definition of addiction?
    • Why is that thing wrong… whatever you’re addicted to?

Advanced Phase

  • Limiting beliefs “There’s no such thing as a failure or mistake if you can learn from it..”
    • What are negative thoughts/beliefs you have
    • What is the evidence?
    • What is the benefit of the benefit?
    • Write an apology…
    • What is reality?
    • Forgive yourself
    • Express gratitude to yourself…
    • Express love towards yourself…
  • Beliefs + Changes + Improvement (simplified version)
    • What beliefs would you like to change?
    • What are the changes you would need to make?
    • How will your life be better by making those changes?
  • Belief Table
    • The more evidence you have for a belief… the more you’ll believe it!
    • Draw a table with 4 legs… each leg represents evidence for the new belief…
  • Emotions you want
    • All of your goals, desires, everything you do… is to produce certain emotions…
    • What emotions do you want to feel from accomplishing all this transformation?
  • Emotional Fantasies
    • You can train your brain to experience and feel any emotion you want to…
      • How?
        • Imagine the desired outcome
        • What emotion do you expect to have when you achieve that dream?
        • Imagine yourself living the dream
        • What would it look like?
        • What will you be doing?
        • Whose with you?
        • How does it feel?
      • Draw a cultivation circle with 10 emotions with the main desired emotion in the center…
  • Moving Away/Towards
    • All of this information can be summed up into a table of moving away… and moving towards…
      • This needs to be updated constantly…
        • What are you moving away from… what are you moving towards…
  • Transcendence…
    • Vision statement
      • Who do you see yourself becoming in the future?
    • Predictions
      • Make some predictions about what you think will happen in the future…
    • Contracts to yourself
      • Make some promises to yourself…
    • Wikipedia Profile
      • What do you want to be remembered for when you die?
    • Manifesto
      • A declaration of beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions
      • Who are you truly?
      • What do you stand for?
      • What is your purpose?
      • Your top 3 values?
      • Key phrases or quotes you live by?
      • Characteristics of the tribe you’re a part of…
      • Now combine all these ideas into your manifesto…
    • Create incantation/affirmations
      • What do you want to affirm to the world with your arms raised to the sky?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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The Universe is Extremely Intelligent

I’ve been reflecting a lot on the universe and how impressively intelligent it is.

We are all surrounded by intelligence. The buildings that line the streets were created by intelligent humans that took the design, an understanding of materials, and thousands of other sophisticated ideas to make that building come to life.

The road built with asphalt is a sophisticated invention that has taken hundreds of years to perfect.

The electrical wires that hover above the streets were designed by electrical engineers that were extremely intelligent in how to harness electricity into wires, that magically/scientifically float above or below the city that fuels our homes with electricity that makes our lives so much better.

Everything is intelligent, even the gardens we drive by and barely notice. Or the wild forest, shrubs, birds that are living plants, and animals that are evolved groups of cells that function together in harmony.

The technology I am using right now, with the software, and hardware, that allows me to express my ideas on a screen has taken the most brilliant minds to make come to fruition.

Intelligent people can use their intelligence for evil too. I’ve been learning more about the cor*navirus and how intelligent it is that it took the brightest minds in the world to create it to use it as a tool to try to enslave humanity.

Intelligence can be used for good or for evil. I personally want to use intelligence to bless and help people thrive.

People are the most intelligent/highest evolution of creation. Our brains have trillions of interconnected synapses and neurotransmitters that allow us to think, have memories, and reflect on our lives and how we can improve our lives. We can learn how to master our brains and use it as the most sophisticated tool on the planet–by just thinking about how to use it more effectively.

I am in the process of becoming a life coach because I want to help people utilize their brains to their uttermost potential so they can thrive and help this beautiful universe evolve to its fullest.

Just a couple of thoughts on my way to work today.

My eyes are opening to the intelligent abudance that’s everywhere…. are your eyes open to the intelligence of the universe? What are your thoughts on this?

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What makes the universe grow and prosper?

My pondering this morning…

  • What advances the creation of the universe…
    • Education, learning
    • Sunlight, water, soil, food, shelter, trees, flowers, rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains
    • Biblical reading/ application… following Jesus, commandments, forgiveness, gratitude, TRUTH, repentance
    • Relationships, connections, families, friends, telling stories, healing from past trauma/mistakes
    • Hobbies: becoming better at a hobby, hard work, passion for something
    • Dreams–pursuing them
    • Creative endeavors, art, journaling, building, inventing
    • Music, dancing
    • Laugher, medicine
    • Self-reliance
    • Acceptance
    • Harmony
    • Freedom

I have attracted the energy that promotes creativity in the Universe. To me–the universe is governed by rules/laws that generate joy/love/peace and happiness. The more someone taps into that energy, the happier a person becomes.

  • What ruins/thwarts creation…
    • Obsession with controlling others
    • Fear
    • Cancel culture
    • Confusion
    • Despair
    • Lust
    • Addictions
    • Guilt, shame, ignorance
    • Hopelessness
    • Murder
    • Rage
    • Ungrateful
    • Lying/deceit
    • Being fake/not genuine
    • Laziness
    • Pride
    • Selfishness
    • Fear of what others think
    • Taking anything to the extreme
    • Neglect
    • Love of money, greed
    • Corruption
    • Cheating/stealing
    • War/destruction
    • Political agendas

People who are governed by fear, unable to forgive, filled with hatred, an obsession with sexual identity, race, money, control. These people are not living in harmony with the universe–they are miserable.

Something to ponder… what are you doing to help the universe grow? (You are a part of creation/universe–whether you want to be or not). What area of life needs healing and perspective to help you grow and advance in this beautiful world of creation?