Self-Affirmations are my highest ideals

What exactly are self-affirmations? They are profound ideas that you read/memorize and review on a regular basis. In my journal, my self-affirmations are the very first page you’ll find. I believe ideas are extremely powerful… and when a person repeats their best of the best ideas in their head… some powerful life-satisfaction/manifestation starts to emerge.

Here are my self-affirmations…

  1. I am like the universe, because I am always learning and growing and expanding. My wife is like the sun… she is full of life and energy, and my children are like earths that revolve around her.
  2. I will be consistently happy because of my hobbies… which are: socializing, social media, journaling, reading, skateboarding, board games, and repeating self-affirmations.
  3. I will develop into 3 major life dreams/aspirations: blogging, orating, and mentoring.
  4. I will record my highlight/experience’s as they happen. I will live the mantra of “every year will get better and this is how I show proof”.
  5. I will review my yearly core-memories starting from age 11 to my current age. (Every year of my life starting at age 11 I have recorded and reflected on the greatest thing that happened that year).
  6. I will record and review “Values Lists” as they occur. (I wrote a book about this that’s on my blog).
  7. I will honor my “Wikipedia profile”. Basically this means… What do I want to be remembered for? I will live up those ideals that I have written.
  8. I will honor the rules of my employment. I have the mantra… I will always be learning, growing, and improving as a teacher.
  9. I will honor my shield of strength. (I go into detail about this in my book).
  10. I will honor my symbolic sword, helmet, breastplate and boots.

These are my absolute best ideas. I believe your self-affirmation should be your best ideas. I also have experienced that when I fill my brain with awesomeness… I am a pretty happy person.

What questions would you ask your future self?

I think this question is a great way to clarify what you really value in your life.

The first question I would want to ask my future self is…

Are my kids alive? And if they are alive… are they happy and have they found their life purpose?

This has helped me realize how much I value my children.

A spiritual experience at the dentist

I went to the dentist today and got a back molar prepped for a crown. While I was laying there on the chair and the dentist grinding my tooth to a stub–my mind went to my higher power for strength during a very stressful situation. I was raised LDS so my higher power is supposed to be God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. Those three entities (the Godhead) are considered distinct and different and not “one” like the trinity (LDS vs. Christian theology).

I’ve recently reviewed my journal a few days ago on entries I made back in 2017 about how I believe connection (with others) is the opposite to addiction. Before the grinding started, I was socializing with my dentist and having a great time connecting with him. While laying there at his mercy and expertise, I went to my higher power, and thought to myself… where is God? Where is Jesus? Where is the holy ghost? Those ideas are powerful, but… what about connection…? What about connection with my dentist? Connection with my friends? Connection with the human family? Isn’t connection with others just as powerful, if not more powerful than God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost? Those entities (Godhead) I cannot really talk to, hangout with, have a real conversation with. I think I’ve come to believe that connection with people is just as powerful, because… I can talk to… hangout with, have a real conversation with others. Why can’t connection also be my higher power?

I do believe there is a time and place when people can’t come to my rescue in a time of need, and reliance on some spiritual connection to the Godhead is necessary. But today… I realized how powerful connection is–something I’ve never realized or considered before.

What are your thoughts?

Anxiety can actually have a benefit

I’m not a licensed therapist, but I believe anxiety can be a call to action and actually have a positive purpose if it’s dealt with effectively. Everyone’s anxiety is different and about different things, and I’m too ashamed to expose what my anxiety is and I’ll take it to the grave.

I used to take medication for my anxiety, and its evolved over the years. But my anxiety led me to brainstorm on what my next dream, or aspiration, or life purpose was, and it led me to blogging.

Blogging is the ultimate expression of oneself–with an audience. When I journal… that’s a private experience that very few people will discover until I die, but blogging is a social experience where other’s can critique and give feedback on my ideas. I love it, and I’m grateful to have discovered it. I’m glade my fears (anxiety) led me to blogging.

Pondering a lot about my purpose and meaning

It’s amazing as a kid, a young teenager, an adult, and now getting older… it’s amazing to reflect on the evolution of my purpose and meaning. As a kid… I had no awareness of what my purpose and meaning was, I was clueless as to what path I wanted to pursue. As a teenager and young adult, my mission was to become a professional skateboarder. Then… well… that dream died when I turned 31 years old and asked myself… “what the hell am I doing?” Seriously… a professional skateboarder? My body was getting too weak to do the tricks I wanted to do. Then I ventured off into wanting to becoming a stand-up comedian. I love comedy, I love telling jokes… but… well… your memory needs to be as sharp as a razor blade, and I felt too stressed out trying to memorize jokes and come up with brilliant things to say. Which lead me to life-coaching. Well… I have nothing against life-coaching… it seems nearly impossible to find clientele who would pay me to listen to them try to figure their life out. Then, I decided to write a book about journaling, because that’s what my passion is. My book is free on this blog. Finding people to read my free book is also very difficult. But this is what currently gives my life purpose and meaning… to help other people connect with themselves. Blogging is now my major life purpose. I want to connect with others and bounce ideas off of others who are passionate about self-exploration, healing, joy, adventures etc.

Journal notes/quotes categories

When ever I read a book and I get a great idea… that new idea usually fits in some category that I’ve thought of. My notes/quotes categories are… relationships, experience, career, truth, comedy, brain, general knowledge, politics, and tech.

Consider putting you notes/quotes into your own unique categories.